Career as Electrician?

Being an electrician can be the most rewarding career in the whole world. But there are many variables involved and risks involved in being a electrical contractor. Unsafe installations can be very dangerous, therefore most states require anyone performing electrical work to be licensed by the state. The damage can be very significant, and the danger with unsafe electrical installations is that it can be safe formally years until a sudden fault creates a situation that can be very hazardous. This is why it’s important that states require each person performing any electrical work to have gone through appropriate schooling, training, and have the correct license before they perform any electrical work at any construction, building site or residential home. It’s important that you contact your state to know what they require for you to receive your license to do electrical work in your state. Each state has different requirements and programs, exams to pass for you to be able to perform electrical work, it’s therefore very important that you contact your state to find out their requirements. There can be consequences for those who do not have the appropriate licensing can be serious and it would vary from state to state. Therefore make sure you contact your state to know the exact requirements so you can pass the state exam and receive you license.

But before you decide on a career as a electrician, it’s important to ask yourself some questions about yourselves. We spend a lot of time at work, usually 8 hours a day, then getting to and from work takes time as well. If you live in a small town in can take 5-10 minutes to get to work, but if you live in the city it’s normal to take 45 minutes to 1 hour just to get to work. When I lived in a small town, I could drive anywhere within a short period of time. Literally within 10 minutes I could be anywhere. It was a population of about 100,000 people who lived there, but still very small. Now I live in the city, and it takes about 1 hour to get anywhere. That is with the public transportation system, with a car it would probably take 30 minutes depending on the traffic. If you want to be an electrician you need to take into account how much you need to travel. Because you will not be only in the same office every day. You will be traveling from place to place, visiting other peoples office, and residences. Therefore if you like to travel, and you like to drive around being an electrician could be an exciting job for you. But many people prefer being in the same office every day and not have to travel. Though many people prefer traveling a day or so a week just to get out of the office. The older you get the more challenging it will be to travel around, and you might prefer to be inside most of the day in an office. It could be that by that time you have the opportunities to have more of a desk job, but within the same area of electrical work. You can schedule people appointments, and take calls helping customer figure out what they really want to do when remodeling their home. You would become their consultant and this would be an opportunity to use other gifting you might have or you can connect them with the right contractor to get the work done.

Point is that you need to ask yourself what is in your heart? What do you enjoy to do? Do you want to be an electrician the rest of your life? What is it that brings life to you? When you really find out what you enjoying doing, write it down. Think about it. Spend some time finding out exactly what is in your heart. You might be surprised. Many people study something in college, but never actually work within that field. There is not problem for people to change their minds along the way. Most people change majors multiple time during college. But finding out what’s really in your heart will be the most valuable thing you can ever do. What bring you alive. If you and all the money in the entire world, what would you want to do? If money was not an limitation for you, what is it that brings your heart alive? For many people their dream job would be to be an electrician. If that is what is in your heart I would encourage you to go for it, and be the best electrician you can be. Please contact the state licensing department in the state you live in and find out all you need to know on how to become an licensed electrical worker. If not, I would encourage you to keep searching what is in your heart, and keep dreaming about the dream job. You’ll most likely spend 8-9 hours a day doing it, so make sure that you take the time to get away and ponder what you really feel would be the occupation that would bring your heart alive. But no matter what you can always change careers. You are never stuck. Some people really feel stuck in life, but they need to know they are completely free. Sometimes people try to burden other and get others to do what they don’t want to do themselves. People feel bogged down with stuff, and definitely do not feel free. But you’re always free. Just keep following your heart and you’ll realize that you can really pursue your dreams and live the life you’ve always wanted to live. Go for it. Dream big and follow your heart.