Kentucky KY Electrical License Requirements and Electrician License Verification, Renewal and Application

The Kentucky Electrical Licensing Department are the ones who you must apply with to become a licensed Electrical Contractor or Journeyman Electrician in Kentucky. The Electrical Licensing Section is within the Division of Building Codes Enforcement and is responsible for issuing licenses to contractor electricians, master electricians and electricians and monitoring the continuing education program for all electricians in the Commonwealth. Currently, we are licensing more than 20,000 electricians a year. The issuance of electrical licenses ensures qualified electricians are performing the electrical work for the safety of the citizens of the Commonwealth. The mission of the Electrical Licensing Section is to ensure public safety by licensing all electricians and monitoring the continuing education classes to ensure the electricians are receiving up-to-date continuing education.(excerpt from The Kentucky Electrical Licensing Department official web site).

To find the requirements to pass their state exam, the cost of their electrical license, license exam and renewal fee, please contact them directly as it can vary from year to year. The codes and standards that currently are adopted by Kentucky Electrical Licensing Department is the 2008 National Electrical Code.

Kentucky Electrical Licensing Department
101 Sea Hero Road, Suite 100
Frankfort, KY 40601-5405

Click here to visit Kentucky Kentucky Electrical Licensing Department Official Website

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